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10 Amazing Books Like Legendborn

Books like Legendborn are jam packed full of magic, monsters and thrilling action that leave you yearning for more stories that excite you in such a way. Bree Matthews has gone through a lot at the ripe age of sixteen. Left on her own after … Read More

10 Exciting Books Like These Violent Delights

Books like These Violent Delights are jam packed with action, betrayal and angst as we explore fantastical lands and settings. In this particular Romeo and Juliet retelling, we begin in Shanghai in the 1920s where two rival gangs named the White Flowers and the Scarlet … Read More

10 Riveting Books Like The Atlas Six

Urban fantasy books like The Atlas Six take us on a journey where a world within our own is unveiled to both the hero and the reader. The Alexandrian Society is a secret organization comprised of the best magical academicians in the world. The society’s … Read More

10 Exciting Books Like Captive Prince

Finding exciting books like Captive Prince can seem a bit tricky considering the big shoes it has to fill. In the first book of the trilogy, Damen is a prince of Akielos but his life is upended when his brother seizes power and takes the … Read More

10 Moving Books Like Girl in Pieces

Finding books like Girl in Pieces can seem a bit tricky when you love the novel in question. A poignant and thought-provoking novel about learning to cope when everything gets too much, Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow is an interesting and heartbreaking read. We … Read More

10 Poignant Books Like Every Last Word

Are you looking for more books like Every Last Word? Sam McAllister puts in a lot of effort to make sure she looks like every other girl in her year, to ensure she looks ordinary. With her straight hair and perfect makeup with a convincing … Read More

10 Books Like Divergent & The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games and Divergent have arguably launched YA dystopian fiction into the stratosphere. Katniss and Tris have brought an army of strong female leads to the fore, resulting in hundreds of similar novels lining bookshelves and filling devices the world over. What to read … Read More

10 Exciting Books Like Daughter of the Pirate King

Are you searching for more books like Daughter of the Pirate King? Being the daughter of the Pirate King comes with its downsides and its upsides. But knowing the sea like the back of your own hand is an advantage for someone who sails the … Read More