Young Adult

8 Great Books Like They Both Die at the End

Knowing when you’re going to die is a hook that draws in many a reader. They Both Die at the End plays with this hook well as Rufus and Mateo are given 24 hours notice that their time on this mortal coil is up. Exploring … Read More

8 Exhilarating Books Like Shadow and Bone

Alina Starkov may be another “Chosen one” trope character, but she has captured the attention of young adult readers globally. This might be due to her relatability; awkward, not very good at anything, lonely, frightened of uncertainty. These are all traits that everyone can identify … Read More

8 Exciting Books Like Hatchet

Survival. Man vs. Nature. Or in the case of Hatchet, boy vs. nature. Gary Paulson’s tale follows teenaged protagonist, Brian, as he struggles to survive the Canadian wilderness after a plane crash. Hatchet has often split readers down the middle, with some loving Brian’s story, … Read More

8 Moving Books Like Number the Stars

Looking for books like Number the Stars? Number the Stars takes place in 1943 and follows ten-year-old Annemarie Johansen who lives in Copenhagen along with her best friend Ellen Rosen. However, Ellen is there because she has been forcibly relocated by the Nazis because she … Read More

8 Captivating Books Like Holes

Are you looking for books like Holes by Louis Sachar? It is hard to make an impression in a crowded children’s and young adult market. Yet Holes made a huge impact on adults and children alike when it was first published in 1998. Wrongly accused … Read More

8 Sensational Books Like Out of My Mind

When it was first published in 2010, Out of My Mind was a bit of a sensation. The story of Melody, an eleven-year-old with cerebral palsy determined to show how smart she was captured the hearts and minds of millions. There are many books like … Read More

8 Exciting Books Like The City of Ember

Are you searching for more books like The City of Ember? Technically targeted towards children and young adults, The City of Ember series can be read by anyone at any age. The story of a girl living in an underground and entirely self-contained city created … Read More

8 Fantastic Books Like Caraval

Looking for books like Caraval? Caraval was a YA fantasy sensation when it came out in 2016. Filled with magic, adventure and romance, it is solid escapism for a lot of teenagers. Caraval is clearly targeted towards young heterosexual white/European/US women, and whilst there is … Read More