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10 Fantastic Books like Fourth Wing

If, like me, you have devoured Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros after hearing all the hype about it on social media, you may be wondering ‘what should I read next?’. The book hangover is truly painful, but I have more than enough suggestions for books … Read More

10 Great Books Like We Hunt the Flame

Books like We Hunt the Flame engulf readers into their world and have them turning page after page. In this exciting novel, Zafira is the saviour of her people. Dressed and disguised as a man known as the hunter, she ventures into the cursed forest … Read More

10 Exciting Books like Once Upon a Broken Heart

Are you searching for more books like One Upon a Broken Heart? Evangeline Fox has loved Luc Navarro for as long as she can remember, her one true love. But when she finds out he is set to marry another, her step-sister, Marisol, in a … Read More

10 Lovely Books like The Foxhole Court

The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavik, the first book in her All for the Game series, was a Tumblr phenomenon back in the day. Full of high-stakes situations, danger and tension, with a dash of found family and romance, books like The Foxhole Court entrance … Read More

12 Compelling Books Like The Outsiders

SE Hinton’s debut 1967 novel has been enthralling readers since it’s publication over fifty years ago, leaving many fans searching for more books like The Outsiders. Written by Hinton when she was only 16 years old, The Outsiders continues to be a favourite for fans … Read More

10 Mystical Books like Kingdom of the Wicked

Books like Kingdom of the Wicked are full of mystical and magical elements that entrance the reader and immerse them in the world they are reading about. In this novel, we meet twins Emilia and Vittoria who are known as streghe. Streghe is a term … Read More

10 Exciting Books Like The Bridge Kingdom

Fantasy is a genre loved by all kinds of people and books like The Bridge Kingdom where we are transported into the world of royalty, war and politics allow us to indulge in these fantastical worlds. In The Bridge Kingdom by Danielle L. Jensen, we … Read More

10 Riveting Books like Dance of Thieves

Books like Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson show the politics and palace intrigue of various, beautifully created fantasy worlds of the young adult industry. They allow us to indulge in other worlds and immerse ourselves with characters like Kazi from Dance of Thieves. … Read More