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8 Exciting Books Like The City of Ember

Are you searching for more books like The City of Ember? Technically targeted towards children and young adults, The City of Ember series can be read by anyone at any age. The story of a girl living in an underground and entirely self-contained city created … Read More

8 Fantastic Books Like Caraval

Looking for books like Caraval? Caraval was a YA fantasy sensation when it came out in 2016. Filled with magic, adventure and romance, it is solid escapism for a lot of teenagers. Caraval is clearly targeted towards young heterosexual white/European/US women, and whilst there is … Read More

8 Alluring Books Like Throne of Glass

Assassins have always made for interesting character types in fiction. Books like the Throne of Glass series love introducing readers to a plucky, often traumatised character that winds up becoming a skilled killer. Celaena has captured the hearts of many young readers since Maas first … Read More

8 Poignant Books Like Fangirl

Are you searching for more books like Fangirl? Fandom has been around for millennia. Fanfiction is now a genre in its own right and millions of shorts and novels have been written by fan communities around the world. Fangirl deals with this phenomenon/genre in a … Read More

9 Alluring Books Like The Mortal Instruments

The Mortal Instruments series has become a staple “must read” for  YA audiences worldwide. Fifteen year old Clary Fray’s journey into a world of demons and angels that remains just out of sight of ordinary people, has captivated millions. The series has become so popular … Read More

8 Fantastic Books Like Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles)

Finding books like Cinder is relatively easy in the age of Google. Perhaps this is because Cinderella has endured as a fairy tale for centuries. In fact, Hollywood is scheduled to release another retelling of Cinderella as I write. Away from the show business end … Read More

8 Evocative Books Like Graceling

Are you looking for more books like Graceling? Love it or loathe it, The Hunger Games opened the door for a whole slew of young female-led fantasy, dystopian and science fiction. This was a great thing! Graceling came out just 1 month after The Hunger … Read More

8 Captivating Books Like Scythe

Are you looking for more books like Scythe? Imagine a world with no hunger, no disease, no war, no misery. In Scythe, humanity has conquered all those things, but the human population needs to be kept in check. Scythes are the only people allowed to … Read More