About Books Like This One

There’s a certain satisfying feeling you get when you’ve finished a good book. A feeling that once time has passed and you’re ready to move onto your next book, you yearn to recreate.

So you begin to search through computer-generated recommendations which attempt to find another book that will leave you with that content feeling. However, more often than not, these selections leave a lot to be desired and instead you start asking book lovers for other books like this one!

Sound familiar? That’s why we decided to create one website where you can find personal book recommendations for some of the most popular books (as well as more obscure reads) created by readers just like you.

We’re Michael & Maggie – two lifelong book lovers – who founded Books Like This One to help others find their next great read. We’re currently full-time travellers so often have long bus rides and airport layovers that we fill with finding the best reads to enjoy on our Kindle!

Michael devours travel writing and non-fiction. Maggie is a lover of classic literature and modern fiction. We also have a team of writers who share their expert opinion on genres or books that we haven’t got around to yet.

Katy loves dystopian novels, literary fiction and creative non-fiction. Claire loves reading classics, general fiction and non-fiction books. Wendy loves mystery, crime and women’s fiction. John loves science fiction, fantasy and contemporary literature. Paola loves fiction, non-fiction and classic novels. Charlotte loves young adult, romance, sci-fi, thrillers and women’s fiction.

Not sure where to begin? Check out or genres page to start looking through recommendations or contact us if you any questions or want us to include your favourite book here!