8 Exciting Books Like Michael Vey

Are you searching for more books like Michael Vey? What teenager (or adult, come to think of it) hasn’t dreamt of having a superpower? In the Michael Vey series of YA novels by Richard Paul Evans, the reader gets to live this dream vicariously through the character of Michael. However, like all dreams, the reality of having superpowers is very different. Everyone thinks Michael is just another awkward teenager. He … Read More

9 Fantastical Books Like American Gods

Are you on the hunt for more books like American Gods? I have been a fan of Neil Gaiman longer than I’d care to remember and American Gods was just one of his many books which cemented my devotion and instigated my own search for more books like it. I have read it as a teenager and loved the fantastic nature of the narrative and again as an adult and … Read More

8 True Crime Books Like In Cold Blood

Books like In Cold Blood lure me in, like many other readers, with the grotesque fascination of getting inside the minds of murderers and criminals and finding out the unbelievably shocking details of high profile cases. It is a grotesque fascination that doesn’t seem to waiver despite how unsettled, scared or shocked I get reading true crime novels. Truman Capote’s renowned novel surrounding the infamous Clutter family murder is one … Read More

8 Compelling Books Like Ender’s Game

On the hunt for more books like Ender’s Game? Controversy and outrage have followed Orson Scott Card and his books. Remarks against the LGBTQ+ community along with other controversies still surround the author. Which makes Ender’s Game an even more interesting book. The novel poses social questions we still ask today. How do we define what a monster is? What is the point of war and should we compromise our … Read More

8 Thrilling Books Like The Darkest Minds

Are you searching for more books like The Darkest Minds? YA has always been a huge and expansive genre. The rise of social media has made more young adult fiction books available to more readers. The Darkest Minds first came out in December 2012, and the series has since become a power force in the YA genre. The tale of Ruby, a young girl locked up for having a disease … Read More

8 Fierce Books Like Blood Meridian

Have you read Cormac McCarthy’s 1985 novel and are now on the hunt for more books like Blood Meridian? Well, look no further than the list of books compiled below. Blood Meridian set a new standard for the “wild west” novel and for fans of this genre due to the way he portrays war and the senseless excuses used by political leaders to start one, with the basis of the … Read More

10 Thrilling Books Like Rebecca

Has the news of Netflix’s revival of Daphne du Maurier’s renowned novel got you craving more books like Rebecca? It’s not surprising, the 1938 novel which introduced us to the debonair Maxim de Winter, his second wife our nervous narrator, the sinister Mrs Danvers and (of course) the ghost of Maxim’s first wife Rebecca, is a classic! Luckily there are plenty of novels like Rebecca out there just waiting to … Read More

8 Gripping Books Like The Dresden Files

Are you searching for more books like The Dresden Files? The everyday world is full of strange and magical things. Unfortunately, not all of them play well with humans. Enter Harry Dresden, a consulting detective… wizard. The first time I read Storm Front way back in the early noughties, I remember thinking “Finally! A wizard who’s actually believable.” Harry is a hard-boiled Chicago private eye who, like the rest of … Read More