8 Outstanding Books like The Picture of Dorian Gray

Despite their age, books like The Picture of Dorian Gray still explore themes that are relevant and hotly disputed today. In the case of Oscar Wilde’s 1890 novel, he dissects the relationship between beauty and morality, art and imitation of life, the negative consequences of influence and the superficial nature of society which he does through the charming, handsome (and corruptible) Dorian Gray. Easily influenced by a new friend Lord … Read More

18 Riveting Books Like Percy Jackson & The Olympians

On the hunt for more great books like Percy Jackson and the Olympians? The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series have been best sellers for nearly two decades (The Lightning Thief was first published in 2006). The adventures of a young boy who discovers he is the son of the Greek God, Poseidon, have thrilled and enchanted readers young and old. Mixing ancient Greek legends with modern sensibilities has awoken … Read More

8 Thoughtful Books Like The Stranger

Books like The Stranger are so much more than their plots. They really make you think, divulging new meanings and raising new questions upon every read, it is no wonder people are on the hunt for more books like them. In Albert Camus’ famous 1942 novella, his protagonist Meursault is described as an indifferent character. He does not cry at his own mother’s funeral, is impassive towards marriage and shows … Read More

8 Absorbing Books Like The Secret Life of Bees

It is easy to become so engrossed in books like The Secret Life of Bees that you barely come up for air until you’ve reached the very last page. In Sue Monk Kidd’s award-winning coming of age novel, we follow 14-year-old Lily Owens as she tries to escape her abusive father and the memory of her mother’s death, a memory which anchors the story. With Rosaleen, her black maid and … Read More

8 Fantastic Books Like Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles)

Finding books like Cinder is relatively easy in the age of Google. Perhaps this is because Cinderella has endured as a fairy tale for centuries. In fact, Hollywood is scheduled to release another retelling of Cinderella as I write. Away from the show business end lies Cinder, the first book in The Lunar Chronicles. Cinder is the story of a cyborg mechanic living in New Beijing, itself in a land … Read More

8 Historical Books Like Memoirs of a Geisha

Are you looking for more books like Memoirs of a Geisha that delve lyrically into the past, and offer new or alternate perspectives on historical events? Then look no further than the exquisite novels listed below. Set in Japan during World War II, we meet young Chiyo Sakamoto who is sold into Kyoto’s entertainment district at the tender age of nine years old. The novel follows her journey to becoming … Read More

8 Evocative Books Like Graceling

Are you looking for more books like Graceling? Love it or loathe it, The Hunger Games opened the door for a whole slew of young female-led fantasy, dystopian and science fiction. This was a great thing! Graceling came out just 1 month after The Hunger Games was originally published in 2008. Both books presented readers with a strong female protagonist living in a world where everything seems set against her. … Read More

8 Magical Books Like His Dark Materials

Are you searching for more books like His Dark Materials? Some books remain popular for a reason. They are well written, have memorable characters and are filled with fantastic settings. The first book in His Dark Materials slipped onto bookshelves way back in 1995 with Northern Lights (published as The Golden Compass in North America). This was followed by The Subtle Knife in 1997, and The Amber Spyglass in 2000. … Read More