If you’re looking to change the way you read or find even more great book recommendations, then we’ve compiled some of our top resources and deals currently available online!

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Audible – If you’re on the move a lot and simply don’t have time to sit and read paper books, then an Audible subscription is a great way to get to countless audiobooks and access them on all of your devices! You can try Audible for free or if you already use it, Amazon has a range of Audible gift packages which make for a great present for a fellow book lover!

Kindle Paperwhite – If you travel a lot or simply don’t want to have your apartment full of hundreds of dusty books, then a Kindle Paperwhite is for you! It allows you to store hundreds of books on one device, has a fantastic screen that doesn’t strain your eyes with an in-built backlight and stays charged for hours! It took us both a while to convert to electronic books but we haven’t looked back since! Click here to check out the latest version!

Kindle Unlimited – If you find yourself devouring too many books at a time, then a Kindle Unlimited membership is a great option to get, predictably, unlimited books monthly. There is a range of books available to download and you can take advantage of this service even if you don’t own a Kindle by downloading an app onto your device. Click here to learn more!

AbeBooks – If you’re looking for an alternative to buying books from Amazon, then AbeBooks is a great option to find unique titles from independent sellers. This is a great site to find rare titles and can make for a fantastic gift idea for fellow book lovers! Click here to check out AbeBooks!

Kobo – If you’re looking for an alternative to buying a Kindle, then Kobo sells a range of e-readers as well as titles from its own store of ebooks. While the range is not as wide as Amazon, you’ll still be able to find the majority of popular titles here. Click here to check out Kobo!