Young Adult

8 Powerful Books Like Five Feet Apart

We all enjoy a good tale about young love — but add in the drama of something or someone getting in the way of that relationship and you have a story you’re going to remember for a long time. This is why many readers are … Read More

8 Engrossing Books Like The Selection

It is hard not to trip over a successful YA novel these days. However, people may feel personally about the genre, there is no denying the huge impact it continues to have on popular culture which has many people searching for more books like The … Read More

9 Emotional Books Like Everything, Everything

Published in 2015, Everything, Everything is an amazing story about a teenage girl with an immunodeficiency disease that was later made into a film. This book is not just about first love in desperate circumstances; it’s about how your past can affect your future and … Read More

8 Charming Books Like Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss is a successful debut novel by Stephanie Perkins about finding love in Paris. It begins when Anna is made to leave her life in Atlanta to go to a boarding school in Paris. There, she becomes friends with the charming … Read More

8 Books Like Divergent & The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games and Divergent have arguably launched YA dystopian fiction into the stratosphere. Katniss and Tris have brought an army of strong female leads to the fore, resulting in hundreds of similar novels lining bookshelves and filling devices the world over. What to read … Read More

9 Great Books Like The Giver

Lois Lowry’s 1993 young adult novel, The Giver examines a world where no person feels pain or emotional strife and a young boy called Jonas is tasked with holding all of the world’s memory before this has taken place. Consistently considered to be one of … Read More

8 Compelling Books Like The Outsiders

SE Hinton’s debut 1967 novel The Outsiders has been enthralling readers since it’s publication over fifty years ago. Written by Hinton when she was only 16 years old, The Outsiders continues to be a favourite for fans of the young adult genre. Though it is … Read More

10 Brilliant Books like Eleanor & Park

Published in 2013, Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park has gained immense critical acclaim and controversy. Bringing up themes like teenage love, domestic violence, bullying, and the feelings of being outcast, the novel is consistently considered to be one of the most honest and realistic in the … Read More