10 Exciting Books Like The Bridge Kingdom

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Fantasy is a genre loved by all kinds of people and books like The Bridge Kingdom where we are transported into the world of royalty, war and politics allow us to indulge in these fantastical worlds.

In The Bridge Kingdom by Danielle L. Jensen, we meet Princess Lara who has trained her whole life to become the ultimate warrior. Her mission is to be sent to the enemy neighbouring kingdom, The Bridge Kingdom as a bride and peace offering for their King, whilst secretly planning to destroy the kingdom from within.

However, the longer Lara is in the castle with King Aren, the less sure she is that The Bridge Kingdom is the true enemy after all. Lara and Aren’s love for one another blossoms but Lara is stuck between choosing her homeland and the country she has grown to love.

A seductive fantasy full of action and passion, this book has something for every fantasy lover! However, if you have already devoured this novel, then you may be looking for what to read next. In that case, read ahead for ten of my recommendations.

10 Books like The Bridge Kingdom

From Blood and Ash, by Jennifer L. Armentrout

A common trope in many fantasy novels is the ‘chosen one’ where the hero of the book unwillingly finds themselves chosen for a higher purpose.

Much like Lara, our heroine, Poppy, in From Blood and Ash finds herself proclaimed the Maiden. Being the Maiden means she cannot speak nor touch anyone except a select few.

Chosen to begin a new era, Poppy awaits her Ascension but rather than waiting for the Gods to tell her she is worthy, she would rather be aiding the fight against the supernatural creature that attacks her kingdom.

But soon, she finds everything she has known crumbling around her as a handsome guard named Hawke enters her life. Now she is stuck between her duty as the Maiden and her own heart.

Pick up this one for a book similar toThe Bridge Kingdom that has a great slow-burn romance and fantastic worldbuilding!

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Gild, by Raven Kennedy

Gild is a King Midas myth reimagining that is perfect for fans of The Bridge Kingdom.

Auren is a poor girl rescued from the streets by King Midas who promises her safety and a home. Promising to love him forever, she is turned to gold and locked away in the palace where only Midas can visit her.

She is told it is all for her safety, but this is proven untrue when war arrives, and Midas strikes a deal in which Auren is at the centre.

Now forced to travel between kingdoms, she realizes everything she thought about Midas was wrong.

An Ember in the Ashes, by Sabaa Tahir

An Ember in the Ashes is similar to The Bridge Kingdom where two people with opposing goals on opposing sides of the same fight join forces for the greater good.

Elias is a Mask – an elite soldier of the Martial Empire – or he will be when he graduates from the Empire’s superior military school.

But before he resigns himself to a life of killing, he plans to escape the Empire. But before he can even graduate, he is pronounced one of three victors to fight to become the next Emperor. Laia is a slave and when her brother is imprisoned for treason and the rest of her family killed, she will do anything to save her brother.

Even if that means infiltrating Blackcliff Academy to spy for the rebels. The two must work together to escape the Empire and bring it down once and for all.

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A Deal with the Elf King, by Elise Kova

Three thousand years ago, elves and humans were at war with one another. But then a treaty was put in place to stop the elves from hunting humans and a young woman was taken to be placed on the throne beside the Elf King.

There is no choice when you are chosen as the next Human Queen, which Luella finds out when she must leave everything behind for the magical land of Midscape.

Soon she finds out that Midscape’s survival rests on her shoulders as it slowly dies each day, and that the Elf King isn’t as bad as she first believed.

Much like Lara’s dilemma, Luella is forced to choose between her home and the land she comes to love.

A steamy and passionate book, A Deal with the Elf King is perfect for readers looking for their next read.

What Lies Beyond the Veil, by Harper L. Woods

In What Lies Beyond the Veil, the Veil has protected humans from the fae for four hundred years.

Estrella is to be sacrificed to keep up the Veil and protect the human realm, however, things go astray and the Veil falls and the fae are unleashed onto the realm once more.

Estrella runs for her life and finds herself with a fae marked man named Caelum. Their bond is strong, and Caelum can protect Estrella from things she cannot protect herself from, but he can’t protect her from falling in love.

This book, like The Bridge Kingdom, is dark and alluring, perfect for readers who want a passionate fantasy romance that’s easy to read.

Serpent and Dove, by Shelby Mauhrin

Louise Le Blanc is a witch, one who has fled her coven after they plan to sacrifice her and runs to the city of Cesarine. However, Cesarine isn’t any safer than her coven and finds herself living off scraps and hiding her magic from everyone but especially the Chasseurs.

Reid Diggory is a Chasseur, a soldier sworn to the Church who would see all witches burn at the stake. The pair should never have crossed paths until they are bound together in the least expected way: marriage.

Lou must ignore her growing feelings with the knowledge that Reid would kill her if he knew the truth about her magic. Reid fights between his duty and the girl he is learning to love.

A passionate and magical forbidden romance with tons of action, Serpent and Dove will be your next five-star read if you are looking for a book to read after The Bridge Kingdom.

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Defy the Night, by Brigid Kemmerer

Defy the Night is a great read for those looking for something similar to The Bridge Kingdom.

The survival of the kingdom of Kandala is hanging by the end of the tether. Ravaged by sickness and ruled by a King with a ruthless hand. King Harristan was pushed onto the throne after his parents were assassinated, with his brother by his side as the King’s Justice.

They rule without mercy to maintain order, especially since the only known cure for the sickness is extremely limited.

In the Wilds, Tessa steals Moonflower petals to make a cure for those in her village but when she becomes desperate, she attempts to infiltrate the palace to get a cure for those around her.

 When she arrives, things, and the people, are not what she expected to find.

Kingdom of the Wicked, by Kerri Maniscalo

In Kingdom of the Wicked, witches who live amongst humans in secret are known as streghe.

Twins, Emilia and Vittoria are streghe but when Emilia finds her sister’s dead body mutilated almost beyond recognition, she sets out on a quest for revenge to find the person who killed her sister and find out why – even if it means using dark magic that’s long since been forbidden.

Along the way, she meets Wrath, a prince of Hell and someone she’s been warned to stay away from since she and Vittoria were little girls. However, the pair work together after Wrath insists that he is on her side, despite Emilia’s hesitance.

A magical and violence-fueled murder mystery with a hint of romance, this book is a great read for fans of books similar to The Bridge Kingdom.

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Ash Princess, by Laura Sebastian

Theodosia is the Ash Princess. The title isn’t one that was earned nor given in celebration, but a reminder and reflection of her life as a prisoner of the Kaiser. Forced to watch her mother, the Fire Queen, die as a six-year-old, her life as a captive is just as tragic.

Much like herself, she watches her citizens become enslaved under the Kaiser’s rule and is desperate to do something, to live up to the title her mother held.

After the Kaiser forces her to get blood on her hands, Theodosia is kicked into action and will do everything until she sees the Kaiser burn.

Ash Princess, like The Bridge Kingdom, has enemy countries, unexpected romance and a fun fantasy world that all readers will enjoy!

Onyx and Ivory, by Mindee Arnett

Kate Brighton is mostly known as Traitor Kate after her father made a failed attempt on the King’s life. Now an outcast, her life of riches is lost and now, she rides as a member of the Relay.

Only skilled hunters and fast riders can become a Relay members because when night falls, nightdrakes come out of the shadows to hunt. Luckily, Kate is a wilder and has the power to influence the minds of animals.

However, being a wilder is forbidden but it is also this power that leads her right to her childhood love and the boy who broke her heart, Corwin Tormane.

Corwin is the King’s second son and is content with the fact his brother will take the crown after their father. When rumours of unrest in a remote area come to the castle, Corwin decides to investigate. His caravan is attacked in daylight by nightdrakes and he is the only survivor.

Who else to find him but Kate?

Onyx and Ivory is a five-star read for all readers but is especially recommended for fans of The Bridge Kingdom!

Books like The Bridge Kingdom are full of passionate romance, unexpected romances and brutal enemies who will stop at nothing to see the heroine fall. Pick up one of these ten books to get a good dose of fantasy mayhem!

Are you looking for more books to read after The Bridge Kingdom? Have any recommendations that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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