10 Fantastic Books like Fourth Wing

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by Charlotte Hopkins

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If, like me, you have devoured Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros after hearing all the hype about it on social media, you may be wondering ‘what should I read next?’. The book hangover is truly painful, but I have more than enough suggestions for books like Fourth Wing to get you through it!

Violet Sorrengail has trained her entire life for the Scribe Quadrant at Basgiath War College. Her fragile bones and weak joints prone to injury meant she wasn’t made for the other three Quadrants. A quiet life among the shelves of the archives would be enough for her. However, her mother, Commanding General Sorrengail, has other ideas for her youngest daughter.

Forcing Violet into the Riders Quadrant is a death sentence. If cadets make it across the thin, miles-high parapet, there’s no telling if your fellow classmates will kill you on the sparring mat or if a dragon will scorch you on the spot if deemed unworthy.

Being her mother’s daughter makes her even more of a target and with her body being a huge disadvantage, it’ll take everything she’s got to make it to second year, let alone graduation. Basgiath War College’s Riders know one truth: graduate or die.

 Keep reading for ten similar books to Fourth Wing that all readers will love!

10 Books like Fourth Wing

Divine Rivals, by Rebecca Ross

An addictive enemies-to-lovers romance set in a wonderous divine fantasy world, Divine Rivals is the perfect book for Fourth Wing readers to pick up!

Eighteen-year-old Iris Winnow is a journalist with a tough home life. Her mother is suffering from addiction and her brother’s been reported missing from the front lines in a war where gods fight against gods.

Her only hope is to get the columnist promotion at Oath Gazette. As everyone does, Iris needs a stress release and does so by writing letters to her brother and placing them under her wardrobe where they vanish, right into the fingers of Roman Kitt.

Roman is Iris’ work rival but when he anonymously writes back, the pair forge a connection that will change everything. For Iris and Roman, her brother, the war and the good of mankind.

The Serpent and the Wings of Night, by Carissa Broadbent

In The Serpent and the Wings of Night, Oraya is the adopted human daughter of the Nightborn vampire king. Living in a world that is meant to kill her, she jumps at the chance to enter the Kejari, a tournament hosted by the goddess of death herself.

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Brutal warriors from the three vampire houses will be entering, all of whom would see Oraya dead. To survive, she must make an alliance with the mysterious Raihn, terrifyingly ruthless and scarily handsome.

A war for the House of Night stirs and everything Oraya knows is about to change and in this kingdom of vampires, nothing is more deadly than love.

One Dark Window, by Rachel Gillig

In One Dark Window, Elspeth Spindle has a monster in her head. Naming him Nightmare, the ancient and unpredictable spirit trapped inside her keeps her safe within the kingdom of Blunder.

He keeps her safe and keeps her secrets but when it comes to magic, everyone must pay a price. But when she meets a bandit on the forest road, everything changes.

Joining an adventurous quest to stop dark magic from infecting all of Blunder with the bandit, who also happens to be the King’s nephew and guilty of high treason, Elspeth can’t dismiss the attraction the pair have to one another.

And she can’t also deny that the Nightmare may be slowly taking over her own mind, something she may not be able to prevent. A dark and mysterious fantasy adventure for lovers of Fourth Wing!

Trial of the Sun Queen, by Nisha J. Tuli

An addictive fantasy book promoted as The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor, readers will devour Trial of the Sun Queen!

Thanks to the Aurora King, lor has suffered imprisonment for twelve long years and her only wish is to be free and turn the pain endured on the King himself.

When a surprise release ends with her fighting against nine other Tributes for the role of Queen, she must win the King’s heart to win her freedom and get her revenge.

But Lor shouldn’t be there. She isn’t part of the Sun King’s court, nor does she understand the conditions of her early release. The other Tributes want her dead and Lor realises she must win, or she will die, or worse be sent back to the Aurora King himself.

A Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah J Mass

A must-read if you loved Fourth Wing, A Court of Thorns and Roses is the first in a bestselling series of young adult fantasy novels.

Feyre is a hunter, the sole provider for her sisters and father to bring food home for the table. If she fails, her family will starve.

Now that winter has arrived and game is hard to come by, it’s a miracle when she spots a deer, but a wolf has spotted it too and Feyre decides to take both lives for herself.

What Feyre doesn’t know is that the wolf was a faerie and now she must pay with her own life in exchange for taking his. Forced to live amongst the magical fae and leave her family to fend for themselves, her captor hides behind a bejewelled mask.

But her feelings for him change from hate to love as the pair get closer but for the pair to be together, she must break an ancient curse or lose him forever.

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The Bridge Kingdom, by Danielle L. Jenson

Books similar to this one transport readers into fantastical worlds full of war, politics, magic and royal violence. In The Bridge Kingdom, we meet Princess Lara who is the ultimate warrior.

Trained since birth for this role, she is sent on a mission to the neighbouring kingdom, The Bridge Kingdom as a bride and peace offering for their King. But secretly she plots to destroy the kingdom from the inside out.

But the longer Lara resides in the castle with King Aren, the less certain she is that he is the true enemy after all. Stuck between choosing her love for her kingdom and her love for the King, Lara has to make a decision that could change everything.

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The Priory of the Orange Tree, by Samantha Shannon

In The Priory of the Orange Tree, Queen Sabran the Ninth is still unwed and to protect her realm from destruction, she must conceive her daughter. The House of Berethnet has ruled Inys for a thousand years and a thousand more it must rule.

Her lady-in-waiting, unbeknownst to the Queen, is loyal to a secret society of mages and uses her powers to protect the Queen from all those who wish her harm. With the increasing number of assassins, she is needed more than ever by Sabran’s side. 

Across the dark sea, Tane, a dragon rider trained since birth, is given a difficult choice to make that may change everything.

If you love books similar to Fourth Wing, try out this epic high fantasy with dragons galore!

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Once Upon a Broken Heart, by Stephanie Garber

Loving Luc Navarro is something that Evangeline Fox has always done. He is her one true love. So, when it is revealed that he is set to marry another girl and of all people, her stepsister Marisol, everything falls apart.

Betrayed and confused, Evangeline is determined to do anything to stop the wedding and understand the truth behind what has happened.

So, she strikes a deal with the Prince of Hearts. However, to make a deal, a price must be paid, and Evangeline promises the Prince three kisses at a time and place of his choosing.

Soon, she realises she is just another pawn in a bigger and far more dangerous game than she ever realised.

Pick up Once Upon a Broken Heart for another enemies-to-lovers, whirlwind of a book to read once you’ve finished Fourth Wing!

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Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen is set in a world where blood determines everything. There are people who bleed red, commoners. And those who bleed silver who possess unimaginable powers.

Mare Barrows is a Red who grew up in the Stilts where poverty and hunger thrive. Things begin to change when she is offered a job in the Silver Palace but is surrounded by people she hates and who despise Red in turn, Mare is shocked when she discovers a superpower of her own.

Taken in as a long-lost Silver Princess who is now engaged to the Silver Prince as a cover to stop the Reds from revolting, Mare is forced to live among the Silver Royalty whilst secretly helping the Red Rebellion.

But in a world where it is Reds against Silvers, Mare must also protect her heart. If you loved Fourth Wing then pick up Red Queen as your next read!

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House of Beating Wings, by Olivia Wildenstein

In House of Beating Wings, we meet Fallon, an unmagical halfling who is looked down upon by all pure-blooded fae in Court, in more ways than one. All except Prince of Luce, Dante Regio who gave Fallon her first kiss and first love.

When an oracle tells her that she could rule with Dante at her side instead of his brother, the current monarch, she follows the Oracle’s instructions. But instead of finding a crown on her head and a ring on her finger, Fallon releases a winged demon into the world.

A demon who is obsessed with Fallon. This book is full of lies and betrayal, love and loss that readers will adore!

Whether it’s dragons, fae, magical powers or enemy kingdom, books like Fourth Wing provide readers with adventure, romance and everything in between! I hope you found a story you’ll love in this list of books.

Are you looking for more books to read similar to Fourth Wing? Have any recommendations that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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