18 Riveting Books Like Percy Jackson & The Olympians

On the hunt for more great books like Percy Jackson and the Olympians? The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series have been best sellers for nearly two decades (The Lightning Thief was first published in 2006). The adventures of a young boy who discovers he is the son of the Greek God, Poseidon, have thrilled and enchanted readers young and old. Mixing ancient Greek legends with modern sensibilities has awoken … Read More

8 Magical Books Like His Dark Materials

Are you searching for more books like His Dark Materials? Some books remain popular for a reason. They are well written, have memorable characters and are filled with fantastic settings. The first book in His Dark Materials slipped onto bookshelves way back in 1995 with Northern Lights (published as The Golden Compass in North America). This was followed by The Subtle Knife in 1997, and The Amber Spyglass in 2000. … Read More

9 Mystical Books Like The Night Circus

Erin Morgenstern has become quite the literary sensation therefore it is no surprise that readers are on the hunt for more books like The Night Circus, her stunning 2011 debut. Morgenstern’s haunting prose weaves what can only be described as a phantasmagorical fairy tale full of love, fate, honour, mystery and magic. The wandering Les Cirque des Rêves (The Circus of Dreams) is so much more than your average circus, … Read More

9 Fantastical Books Like American Gods

Are you on the hunt for more books like American Gods? I have been a fan of Neil Gaiman longer than I’d care to remember and American Gods was just one of his many books which cemented my devotion and instigated my own search for more books like it. I have read it as a teenager and loved the fantastic nature of the narrative and again as an adult and … Read More

8 Gripping Books Like The Dresden Files

Are you searching for more books like The Dresden Files? The everyday world is full of strange and magical things. Unfortunately, not all of them play well with humans. Enter Harry Dresden, a consulting detective… wizard. The first time I read Storm Front way back in the early noughties, I remember thinking “Finally! A wizard who’s actually believable.” Harry is a hard-boiled Chicago private eye who, like the rest of … Read More

8 Books Like The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive 1)

Are you searching for more books like The Way of Kings? Anyone who has read any of Brandon Sanderson’s novels knows he has built his career within the genre of epic fantasy. The Way of Kings is now 10 years old and was the first in The Stormlight Archive. The mere mention of Shardblades, Voidbringers and Radiants still brings a glint to my eye. The Wheel of Time series is … Read More

8 Compelling Books Like Six of Crows

Searching for more books like Six of Crows? Anyone who’s at all interested in YA and fantasy might have come across Bardugo’s immensely popular Six of Crows series. The tale of Kaz Brekker, leader of the Dregs, a prominent gang in the city of Ketterdam, has had many fans of Bardugo’s work talking since 2015. On the surface, it’s a story about a daring heist (always fun!), but scratch beneath … Read More

8 Alluring Books Like Mistborn

Looking for books like Mistborn? Ash falls from the sky. Unnatural mist clouds the night. Evil is everywhere, threatening to stifle all life in the lands of Scadrial. This is my own version of the book blurb that describes the opening to Brandon Sanderson’s epic Mistborn series. It is hard to believe the first book, The Final Empire, came out in 2006. Since then Sanderson has written so much more … Read More