8 Apocalyptic Books Like The Road

The Road follows a father and son who have been travelling a path, a path they must continue upon but have no idea where it leads, in the midst of a barren world torn apart. There are distinct themes of isolation coupled with companionship, and the novel has won many awards, including the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. The following books like The Road portray similar stories of world destruction, and how … Read More

8 Transfixing Books Like The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner has become almost as iconic as The Hunger Games in YA fiction. Thomas Dylan’s attempts to escape a dangerous maze whilst trying to recover his memory, is an addictive adrenaline rush. Because of its popularity, many readers have been on the hunt for more books like The Maze Runner. The tale of Thomas and his fellow ‘runners’ has become part of popular literary culture with the trilogy … Read More

8 Uplifting Books Like Me Before You

Books like Me Before You remind us that love can bloom in unexpected places; in unexpected situations with unexpected people – and sometimes fate decides if it’s meant to be. Me Before You by Jo Jo Moyes is one of those delightful books that concentrates the story on the building of a relationship between two people who are not an obvious match. This is the first in a trilogy by … Read More

8 Poignant Books Like The Girl on the Train

Paula Hawkins’ 2015 psychological thriller sold massively well leaving many people looking for more books like The Girl on the Train. The novel follows the couple Megan and Scott, who live along a train line, unknowingly being watched every morning by Rachel on her commute to work. However, the mystery works so well because Rachel, the narrator for the majority of the novel, is an alcoholic, and her memories are … Read More

8 Timeless Books Like The Little Prince

Many readers find themselves searching for books like The Little Prince because some stories remain favourites long after childhood, revealing new meanings and renewing enjoyment after every read well into our adult lives. For many, that story is Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s 1943 spiritual novella The Little Prince. After crashing his plane in the Sahara Desert the narrator meets the ravenously curious Little Prince who is visiting earth on a quest … Read More

8 Riveting Books Like Dune

Dune was originally published in 1965 to wide critical acclaim, tying with This Immortal for the Hugo in 1966 and winning the inaugural Nebula Award. Prizes mean nothing without a readership though. Dune has long since become a staple of epic science fiction storytelling and has been adapted for TV and film several times (another film is in the works at the time of writing). Because of its widespread popularity, … Read More

8 Powerful Books Like Five Feet Apart

We all enjoy a good tale about young love — but add in the drama of something or someone getting in the way of that relationship and you have a story you’re going to remember for a long time. This is why many readers are eagerly searching for books like Five Feet Apart by Rachel Lippincott. Five Feet Apart is a book based on a real couple who both suffer … Read More

8 Allegorical Books Like Animal Farm

Animal Farm by George Orwell is probably one of the most famous allegorical novels that exists and because of that, many readers are always searching for more books like Animal Farm. Angered by what was happening in Communist Russia, Orwell wrote a novella entitled Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, although the subtitle isn’t often attached to it when it is spoken about nowadays. The novella tells the story of a … Read More