8 Outstanding Books like The Picture of Dorian Gray

Despite their age, books like The Picture of Dorian Gray still explore themes that are relevant and hotly disputed today. In the case of Oscar Wilde’s 1890 novel, he dissects the relationship between beauty and morality, art and imitation of life, the negative consequences of influence and the superficial nature of society which he does through the charming, handsome (and corruptible) Dorian Gray. Easily influenced by a new friend Lord … Read More

8 True Crime Books Like In Cold Blood

Books like In Cold Blood lure me in, like many other readers, with the grotesque fascination of getting inside the minds of murderers and criminals and finding out the unbelievably shocking details of high profile cases. It is a grotesque fascination that doesn’t seem to waiver despite how unsettled, scared or shocked I get reading true crime novels. Truman Capote’s renowned novel surrounding the infamous Clutter family murder is one … Read More

10 Thrilling Books Like Rebecca

Has the news of Netflix’s revival of Daphne du Maurier’s renowned novel got you craving more books like Rebecca? It’s not surprising, the 1938 novel which introduced us to the debonair Maxim de Winter, his second wife our nervous narrator, the sinister Mrs Danvers and (of course) the ghost of Maxim’s first wife Rebecca, is a classic! Luckily there are plenty of novels like Rebecca out there just waiting to … Read More

9 Mysterious Books Like And Then There Were None

There is nothing quite like discovering ‘whodunnit’ in a murder mystery novel and that is why books like And Then There Were None are so popular with Agatha Christie still a reigning name in crime fiction even 44 years after her death. In And Then There Were None, ten strangers are all unwittingly invited to a private island off the coast of Devon for a weekend by an unknown wealthy … Read More

9 Emotive Books Like Flowers For Algernon

Has Daniel Keyes simply sweet protagonist Charlie Gordon got you on the hunt for more books like Flowers for Algernon? It is not surprising, his startlingly beautiful novella highlights the injustice that the mentally disabled face by those who should know better, with a unique narrative offering an alternative angle on what it is like for anyone living with a mental disorder. In Flowers for Algernon, 32-year-old Charlie has an … Read More

8 Books Like Frankenstein & Dracula

Looking for more books like Frankenstein or books like Dracula? Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, written in 1817 and Dracula by Bram Stoker, written in 1897, are some of the first novels to have come to light that really began the horror genre. They have spawned countless remakes in the form of film and television and have inspired works about monsters and demons ever since – no matter how many times … Read More

8 Coming-of-Age Books Like Little Women

With the new film just out of the cinemas, now is the perfect time to give this heart-warming classic, and books like Little Women, a read. The March sisters could not be more different; Jo is the boyish writer, Meg loves fashion with desires to marry well, Beth is musical and Amy is artistic. The girls squabble like all siblings do, but the novel Little Women is a coming-of-age narrative … Read More

8 Timeless Books Like The Little Prince

Many readers find themselves searching for books like The Little Prince because some stories remain favourites long after childhood, revealing new meanings and renewing enjoyment after every read well into our adult lives. For many, that story is Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s 1943 spiritual novella The Little Prince. After crashing his plane in the Sahara Desert the narrator meets the ravenously curious Little Prince who is visiting earth on a quest … Read More