10 Adventurous Books Like Treasure Island

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Those who love classic adventure novels are likely always on the search for more books like Treasure Island.

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is a classic adventure fantasy novel that children and adults alike enjoy reading. Reading can whisk you away on an adventure, much like Jim Hawkins finds happening to himself in this novel.

After witnessing a death of a pirate, Billy – who receives a black spot at his parents’ inn — the Admiral Benbow — Jim and his mother run away with Billy’s treasure and a peculiar packet. In the packet is a treasure map.

Jim, along with Billy’s old shipmates, plans to find the treasure before anyone else. But deception and treachery ensue and Jim doesn’t know who to trust. In an attempt to find the treasure and stay alive, he must go through highs and lows to get out of the other side of this metaphorical tunnel.

If you have already read this novel, however, then not to worry! I have compiled a list for you of ten books that are similar, both classic adventures and newer, more magical novels with similar themes like pirates and exciting affairs!

10 Books like Treasure Island

Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe

In Robinson Crusoe, we meet a man who has been shipwrecked on a deserted island. Defying his parents in order to follow his heart and wander the seas, he doesn’t heed their warnings and gets sucked into a violent series of storms.

After adventuring across the seas, he is not the sole survivor of the shipwreck and finds himself figuring out how to survive.

We follow Robinson Crusoe through fifteen years on the island, when he finally finds a naked human footprint. Now, he has hope of getting off the island.

Pick up this classic for a book similar to Treasure Island.

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The Hobbit, by J. R. R. Tolkien

This fantasy adventure by Tolkien and the prequel book to the famous The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit is a perfect novel for all ages and a wonderful novel for those looking for something like Treasure Island and also love the fantasy genre.

In The Hobbit, we meet Bilbo Baggins, a typical brand of Hobbit who likes his home and his luxuries. He is invited on a quest with a wizard named Gandalf and a group of dwarves in a quest to reclaim their homeland.

Their homeland is the lonely mountain, Erebor which was attacked and taken over by the dragon Smaug who wanted their treasure.

We follow the group on their journey to Erebor and beyond.

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Moby-Dick, by Herman Melville

The story of Moby Dick is told by the sole survivor of a wrecked whaling ship whose captain was obsessed with hunting the white whale, Moby-Dick, to his own self-destruction.

The captain, Ahab, had a vengeance against the whale who crippled him on the ship’s previous expedition.

The story of the Pequod is a classic for all readers and this sea-based adventure is another great read for those looking for their next read after Treasure Island.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth, by Jules Verne

Journey to the Centre of the Earth is another classic adventure novel but this one is for the science fiction fans!

It tells the story of Professor Lindenbrock and his nephew who, along with a hired guide, travel into the centre of an inactive Icelandic volcano. They do this after finding instructions of how to navigate a passage to the center of the Earth written by a medieval alchemist.

The three face many challenges and difficulties as they venture deeper into the volcanic tubes to find the center of the Earth.

This book similar to Treasure Island is a great read for all ages and all types of people so why not pick it up for your next read?

Daughter of the Pirate King, by Tricia Levenseller

Alosa is the daughter of the pirate king and she is sent on a mission by her father to retrieve an ancient map from enemy pirates. To do this, she must allow herself to be captured by her enemies in order to search their ship for the map.

Her plan is foolproof. At least it was until she meets the handsome and charming first mate, Riden, who sees past her innocent act more than he lets on.

Pick up Daughter of the Pirate King for your next read that is full of pirate and sea-based intrigue.

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A Study in Scarlet, by Arthur Conan Doyle

This classic novel by the famous Arthur Conan Doyle is a great pick for fans of books like Treasure Island who want a more crime-based thriller.

This is the introduction to detective Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson. John Watson meets Sherlock after looking to split rent on his flat at 221B Baker Street.

Sherlock is soon requested at a crime scene to which Watson accompanies him. A woman’s body is found with the words ‘RACHE’ written in red on the wall. Watson joins Sherlock on a crazy adventure across London to solve this mysterious murder case.

A Study in Scarlet is a perfect mystery and thrilling affair for readers to enjoy whilst getting to read a good old classic novel too.

Seafire, by Natalie C. Parker

In Seafire, Caledonia Styx is a lonesome girl navigating the seas on her own after her family is killed by a corrupt warlord Aric Athair and his army, also known as Bullets.

Her ship, Mors Navis, is her home and her crew of girls and woman much like her are her family. The crew has a mission, one that sees Aric and his fleet at the bottom of the ocean.

But things take a downward spiral after a defective Bullet helps Caledonia’s best friend and second-in-command escape an attack.

Does she allow this boy to join her crew, his knowledge allowing them to take Aric down once and for all, or will he betray them? Caledonia must consider whether it is a risk worth taking.

This pirate adventure of good and evil is perfect for those looking for something like Treasure Island.

The Mermaid, by Christina Henry

The Mermaid, based on the true adventures of P.T. Barnum, follows Barnum’s frantic search for a woman with a tail for legs after hearing of an old yet romantic tale about never-ending love.

The story tells of a fisherman who yearned for love but could never convince a woman to love him enough to follow him to live on the lonely rocky island he called home.

One day, he accidentally picks up a mermaid in his nets. Once this mermaid sees the loneliness that encompasses the fisherman, she stops attacking and thrashing around to truly see into his heart.

The pair spend a lifetime together although the man ages and the mermaid does not, it is a story of true love. This story is spoken from town to town until Barnum himself hears the tale and becomes intent on finding the woman with a tail instead of two legs.

Northern Lights, by Phillip Pullman

If you’re looking for a magical book to add to your reading list, consider picking up a copy of Northern Lights (published as The Golden Compass in the USA).

In a world similar to our own, Lyra Belacqua lives at Jordan College in Oxford. In her world, humans have a living animal that accompanies them everywhere that is that person’s soul.

These animals are called ‘daemons’. Learning about a new discovery called ‘dust’ in addition to a wave of children disappearing, Lyra finds herself travelling to the Artic with Mrs Coulter whose aim is to sculpt her into a fine lady.

She meets many people along the way including Lord Asriel who believes dust has the power to allow one to travel to parallel worlds, like ours.

The first instalment in the His Dark Materials series, Lyra’s adventure is magical and full of danger, much like Jim Hawkins’ own, making it a perfect book to read after Treasure Island.

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Fable, by Adrienne Young

When Fable was thirteen, she witnessed her mother’s brutal and tragic death as she drowned in a dangerous storm.

The day after this awful accident, her father drops her off on an island well known to be the home of thieves, beggars and gang members without any food or money to her name. Her father also happens to be the most powerful trader in the Narrows, leaving her hard done by.

Using the skills she learnt from her mother to survive on the island, Fable is now seventeen. Enlisting the help of a trader named West, Fable attempts to get of the island o demand a place with her father’s crew.

But West isn’t who he said he is and her father’s reach has multiplied over the last four years. Fable can’t trust anyone.

This book is full of betrayal and adventure that will have you speeding through the pages. Pick up Fable now!

Books like Treasure Island allow us to live through the fabulous adventures of others, watching them love, live, betray and maybe, die. Riveting and surprising, all these books – classics or not – have something that fans of Treasure Island will love.

Are you looking for more books similar to Treasure Island? Have any recommendations that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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