8 Gripping Books Like The Dresden Files

Are you searching for more books like The Dresden Files? The everyday world is full of strange and magical things. Unfortunately, not all of them play well with humans. Enter Harry Dresden, a consulting detective… wizard. The first time I read Storm Front way back in the early noughties, I remember thinking “Finally! A wizard who’s actually believable.” Harry is a hard-boiled Chicago private eye who, like the rest of … Read More

8 Creepy Books Like Flowers in the Attic

Books like Flowers in the Attic have all the components of a best seller, they have obsession, fatal attraction, mystery, suspense, entrapment, death… They also have an element of horror, a dark incomprehensible edge to the narrative which stays with the reader long after they finish the book, in the case of V.C. Andrews’ gothic novel, the darker edge is the portrayal of child abuse and incest. In Flowers in … Read More

8 Magical Books Like The Cruel Prince

Are you searching for books like The Cruel Prince? Murdered parents. A High Court of Faerie that is both treacherous and deadly. A human girl desperate to fit in. This is the basic premise of The Cruel Prince, and its simplicity works. The YA genre is drowning in ‘Twilight’ style romance, so it is nice to read books where the hero has agency beyond trying to get a supernatural being … Read More

8 Books Like The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive 1)

Are you searching for more books like The Way of Kings? Anyone who has read any of Brandon Sanderson’s novels knows he has built his career within the genre of epic fantasy. The Way of Kings is now 10 years old and was the first in The Stormlight Archive. The mere mention of Shardblades, Voidbringers and Radiants still brings a glint to my eye. The Wheel of Time series is … Read More

9 Mysterious Books Like And Then There Were None

There is nothing quite like discovering ‘whodunnit’ in a murder mystery novel and that is why books like And Then There Were None are so popular with Agatha Christie still a reigning name in crime fiction even 44 years after her death. In And Then There Were None, ten strangers are all unwittingly invited to a private island off the coast of Devon for a weekend by an unknown wealthy … Read More

8 Romantic Books Like The Kiss Quotient

Books like The Kiss Quotient prove that love is not predictable nor can it be relied on to follow scientific data. This novel by Helen Hoang was inspired by the author’s experience when she was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder – previously known as Asperger’s Syndrome – in 2016. The main character in The Kiss Quotient is Stella Lane: a woman with Asperger’s who is mad about maths and has … Read More

8 Bewitching Books Like Hush Hush

Are you searching for more books like Hush, Hush? Hush, Hush is a book that has been compared favourably and unfavourably to Twilight. The story of teenager, Nora Grey, as she gradually becomes attracted to the bad-boy fallen angel, Patch, holds many similarities with Edward and Bella’s melodramatic trysts. In a way, this comparison has meant that Hush, Hush divides opinion with some readers loving it, and others labelling it … Read More

9 Powerful Books Like Speak

Laurie Halse Anderson has become renowned for dissecting distressing topics in her work so it is not surprising that people are looking for more books like Speak, her 1999 bestseller which explores consent and the aftermath of sexual assault. After calling the police on an end of summer party, Melinda Sordino is branded an outcast at high school, no one understands or cares to listen to her about why she … Read More