10 Charming Books like The Flatshare

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by Charlotte Hopkins

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Those looking for more books like The Flatshare are in for a treat with the great titles on this list.

The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary is a wonderful, feel-good romantic comedy that any reader will love! Tiffy and her ex-boyfriend have had many breakups, but this time is their last breakup. Desperate to escape their shared apartment, she needs to find new, cheap accommodation fast.

Leon Twomey works the graveyard shift and needs some quick cash, so he offers up his flat for a flat share. In this odd but perfect situation of taking it in turns to use the flat, Tiffy and Leon become roommates. As the months pass, the two begin a friendship through the notes they leave stuck on walls or doors throughout the flat but in all that time, have never actually met.

Tiffy is dealing with her crazy ex-boyfriend and her demanding job whilst Leon must balance his work life, his difficult girlfriend and work on getting his wrongfully imprisoned brother out of jail. Amongst the chaos of their lives, Leon and Tiffy realise love truly blossoms in the most unexpected of places.

If you’ve already read this book, you might be looking for other books like The Flatshare to read next. Well, if that is the case, I have put together a list of ten similar books you may enjoy!

10 Books like The Flatshare

The American Roommate Experiment, by Elena Armas

A book to read after The Flatshare that readers may enjoy is The American Roommate Experiment.

Similar to O’Leary’s book in the concept of a romantic relationship forming through two people sharing a flat. If forced proximity is your thing, then so is this book!

When Rosie quits her day job to write a bestseller romance novel, she realises her crumbling apartment isn’t exactly inspiring and so comes the crippling writer’s block.

Her best friend, Carolina, is out of town and her apartment is free so with a spare key, Rosie gets a change of scenery. However, upon arrival, she finds Carolina’s cousin Lucas settled in.

Now, Rosie must deal with writer’s block as well as her silly crush on Lucas. With only six weeks until her deadline and until Lucas leaves New York, Rosie’s got a time limit on both her book and her possible love life.

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Icebreaker, by Hannah Grace

Icebreaker is a popular contemporary romance is perfect for readers who love The Flatshare!

Anastasia Allen’s biggest dream is to be a competitive ice skater for Team USA, a dream that’s becoming more possible with every day. Thanks to her place on the Maple Hills skating team, Anastasia has a full college scholarship.

But the dream life Anastasia imagined for herself at college begins to fall apart when she meets Nathan Hawkins. Nathan is the captain of the Maple Hills Titans ice hockey team and when a misunderstanding means the two teams will have to share the rink, neither are happy.

When things couldn’t get any worse, Anastasia’s partner is injured in an accident. Now, Nathan must swap his hockey uniform for tights and a leotard.

As the pair spend more time together, something more than friendship blooms.

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It Happened One Summer, by Tessa Bailey

Piper Bellinger is a true wild child, followed by the paparazzi wherever she goes who love to report on her scandalous nights out. Following one crazy, alcohol-fueled night, Piper finds herself in prison and all over the news.

Cut off by her stepfather and sent away to Washington with her sister to clean up her act, Piper is dropped into a life unlike the one she is used to – one where she finds herself behind the bar. Here, she meets Brendan, a handsome and well-groomed sea captain who, like her stepfather, thinks Piper won’t survive outside of Beverly Hills.

Determined to prove them both wrong, she finds herself enjoying the quieter life she created for herself, and the company of Brendan.

A feel-good romantic comedy, It Happened One Summer is the perfect choice for someone looking for a book similar to The Flatshare.

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Wallbanger, by Alice Clayton

San Francisco’s newest resident, Caroline, cannot wait for the fresh start promised to her by the new move. But things move swiftly downhill when her neighbour’s loud and annoying nighttime activities disturb her beauty sleep… every night.

The sound of her neighbour’s headboard smacking into her wall on repeat has Caroline storming to his door. In her frantic annoyance, she runs over in just her skimpy nightly and meets her handsome neighbour, Simon Parker.

Despite her grievances with Simon’s antics, it soon seems likely that Caroline will be the next woman to find herself under the covers with Simon.

Wallbanger is an amazing, spicy romance full of tension, perfect for readers who are fans of The Flatshare.

Shipped, by Angie Hockman

Books like The Flatshare show love blooming in unlikely situations with even more unlikely people.

In Shipped, Henley Evans is a cruise line marketing manager who doesn’t leave much time for a social life let alone a romantic one. Then, she is shortlisted for a promotion and when she sees the second competitor for the job, Graeme Crawford-Collins, things go downhill.

Despite the pair never having met in person, Graeme and Henley have an infamous office rivalry, battles won and lost through their vicious emails. Now, they are sent on a cruise around the Galapagos islands together to see who can write the best proposal on how to boost bookings in the area.

But spending time in person with each other makes them realise they may be confusing their hatred for one another for something else entirely.

Love, Theoretically, by Ali Hazelwood

Theoretical physicist Elsie Hannaway lives a double life. During the day, she is a professor teaching her students and marking papers. But at night, she earns extra cash by offering her services as a fake girlfriend.

Everything’s great, with a new (dream!) job potentially on the horizon. Until she finds out Jack Smith is on the hiring committee for the job at MIT.

Jack also happens to be the guy who ruined her mentor’s career and undermined the reputation of theoretical physicists everywhere. But there’s more to Jack than meets the eye and Elsie might have to put her theories about love to the test.

Books similar to The Flatshare are engaging and uplifting much like Love, Theoretically!

Beach Read, by Emily Henry

When romance author January Andrews moves into her late fathers’ holiday home slash affair hub for the summer, all she plans on doing is getting the house ready to sell and finishing her book before the deadline at the end of summer.

Then she meets her neighbour, Gus, who she also knew in college and who also happens to be an author, but one of the dark and dismal kind. The pair – both bogged down with writer’s block – strike a bet to see who can write and sell a book first in each other’s preferred genre.

January takes Gus on romantic dates and in turn, Gus brings January along to interviews about an old cult in the area. With their deadlines looming, will love get in the way of their writing?

Pick up Beach Read for a cosy romcom like The Flatshare.

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The Unhoneymooners, by Christina Lauren

In The Unhoneymooners, when Olive’s twin gets married, the last thing she expected was for everyone to get food poisoning apart from herself and the best man, Ethan also known as her sworn enemy.

With the bride and groom unable to catch their flight to their all-expenses paid, no refunds honeymoon in Hawaii, it’s up to Olive and Ethan to take their place. Putting aside their differences for a free trip to Hawaii seems easy when they plan to part ways upon arrival.

But soon, multiple white lies spiral out of control when the pair bump into exes and bosses and more. Now, they must pretend they are true newlyweds. But spending all this time together arouses more than friendly feelings between the two.

This enemies-to-lovers contemporary romcom is an uplifting read perfect for readers who love this genre!

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Mr Wrong Number, by Lynn Painter

In Mr Wrong Number, Olivia Marshall’s dating life has been lacking and she is considered the screw-up of her family, she can’t think of how worse things could get. So, she is surprised when a suggestive text from a random number comes through on her phone.

Playing along, somehow, she finds herself in the sexiest, funniest yet anonymous relationship yet.

Olivia has always been considered Colin Beck’s best friend’s nice (albeit annoying) little sister until she moves in with them.

She becomes the biggest distraction of his life and then he finds out she is the anonymous sexter in his phone. Now he isn’t sure whether to add fuel to the fire or douse the flames.

This sultry and entertaining read is the perfect book with the romantic interests conversing over text much like Tiffy and Leon with their sticky notes!

The Roommate, by Rosie Danan

A book similar to The Flatshare, The Roommate finds Clara baited into sharing a lease with a stranger named Josh.

Clara could have survived the summer sharing a flat with the handsome man, only if she hadn’t looked up his name. Josh has made a name for himself and with her family being infamous across the east coast, Clara might have just fallen into their most scandalous story yet.

But one thing Josh and Clara agree on is women’s right to better sex, the only question is now, what will they do about it?

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Books like The Flatshare are full of gushing romance and hilarious comedy, all intertwined with emotional and poignant plots that will have every reader begging for more. I hope you found your next favourite read on this list!

Are you looking for more books to read after The Flatshare? Have any recommendations that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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