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8 Compelling Books Like Ender’s Game

On the hunt for more books like Ender’s Game? Controversy and outrage have followed Orson Scott Card and his books. Remarks against the LGBTQ+ community along with other controversies still surround the author. Which makes Ender’s Game an even more interesting book. The novel poses social questions we still ask today. How do we define what a monster is? What is the point of war and should we compromise our … Read More

9 Apocalyptic Books Like World War Z

Apocalyptic books like World War Z draw you into so many different disaster scenarios that they make the crazy world that we actually live in seem not quite so bad after all. Not only are they captivating to read, they often portray unbelievable stories of strength, survival and hope like you have never seen before, it is not surprising that they translate so well onto the big screen or form … Read More

8 Perceptive Books Like A Clockwork Orange

At times, books like A Clockwork Orange get lost in a cloud of their own notoriety because the world’s envisioned and the actions of characters are too painful, too shocking, too plausible to comprehend. But if you dare read on, you will discover authors of sublime skill and incomparable vision for though it may be portrayed via unsettling means, the subversive undertones of these novels are incredibly perceptive (topical even) … Read More

8 Absorbing Books Like Station Eleven

What will become of the human race in the wake of a pandemic is not only topical, but something writers have been fascinated by for years and books like Station Eleven by Emily S.J. Mandel is some such novels that investigate these circumstances. In Station Eleven, an actor suffers a heart attack on stage, and despite the intervention of an EMT, he dies – the novel then informs its reader … Read More

8 Gripping Books like 11/22/63

Looking for more books like 11/22/63? 11/22/63 is a mammoth of a novel – it’s over 1,000 pages long, and yet it is so enthralling, so original in concept, that it doesn’t feel that way. The novel follows Jake Epping, a recently divorced teacher, who comes across a secret in his local diner – it holds a time-travelling portal to 1958. His friend Al tells him that he’s been on … Read More

8 Captivating Books Like Ready Player One

If you’re looking for books like Ready Player One, you’re not alone. Ernest Cline’s debut novel was published in 2011 and has remained at the top of many reading lists since. The story of Wade Watts questing to find hidden ‘Easter eggs’ within the virtual world of ‘The Oasis’, captured the imagination of millions. In part, this was due to the story’s clever blend of ’80s nostalgia and video games. … Read More

8 Books Like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Douglas Adams’ 5 book trilogy has spawned a legion of fans and admirers. Yet there are many books like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that are just as funny. If you have never read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, then I strongly recommend you do so. Arthur Dent’s tale is eminently re-readable and still relevant to modern life. When looking for similar titles, do take a look at … Read More

8 Riveting Books Like Dune

Dune was originally published in 1965 to wide critical acclaim, tying with This Immortal for the Hugo in 1966 and winning the inaugural Nebula Award. Prizes mean nothing without a readership though. Dune has long since become a staple of epic science fiction storytelling and has been adapted for TV and film several times (another film is in the works at the time of writing). Because of its widespread popularity, … Read More