8 Stirring Books Like Water for Elephants

The only hard thing about books like Water for Elephants is deciding which one to read next! This is because there are plenty of glorious aspects to pursue in Sara Gruen’s richly narrated and emotive novel. There’s heartbreak when protagonist Jacob Jankowski becomes an orphan forcing him into a spiral of depression until he runs away to join the circus. Then there’s forbidden love as Jacob falls for Marlena, the … Read More

8 Fierce Books Like Blood Meridian

Have you read Cormac McCarthy’s 1985 novel and are now on the hunt for more books like Blood Meridian? Well, look no further than the list of books compiled below. Blood Meridian set a new standard for the “wild west” novel and for fans of this genre due to the way he portrays war and the senseless excuses used by political leaders to start one, with the basis of the … Read More

8 Creepy Books Like Flowers in the Attic

Books like Flowers in the Attic have all the components of a best seller, they have obsession, fatal attraction, mystery, suspense, entrapment, death… They also have an element of horror, a dark incomprehensible edge to the narrative which stays with the reader long after they finish the book, in the case of V.C. Andrews’ gothic novel, the darker edge is the portrayal of child abuse and incest. In Flowers in … Read More

8 Romantic Books Like The Kiss Quotient

Books like The Kiss Quotient prove that love is not predictable nor can it be relied on to follow scientific data. This novel by Helen Hoang was inspired by the author’s experience when she was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder – previously known as Asperger’s Syndrome – in 2016. The main character in The Kiss Quotient is Stella Lane: a woman with Asperger’s who is mad about maths and has … Read More

9 Powerful Books Like Speak

Laurie Halse Anderson has become renowned for dissecting distressing topics in her work so it is not surprising that people are looking for more books like Speak, her 1999 bestseller which explores consent and the aftermath of sexual assault. After calling the police on an end of summer party, Melinda Sordino is branded an outcast at high school, no one understands or cares to listen to her about why she … Read More

8 Touching Books Like It Ends With Us

When reading books like It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover, it’s easy to be swept away in a fantasy world that doesn’t include putting the bins out and scraping baked beans off your dinner plate. This New York Times best seller knows how to lift its readers into a love high then put our emotions through the spin drier and still finish that last page with a sigh of … Read More

8 Romantic Books Like The Notebook

This wonderful story by Nicholas Sparks is about the one that got away and how they remain in our hearts no matter where life takes us. Luckily, for the main characters in books like The Notebook, fate often has a way of giving them a second chance. The Notebook begins with an elderly man ‘Duke’ reading pages of a story from a notebook to an elderly woman.  He reads to … Read More

8 Enthralling Books Like I Am Pilgrim

When reading books like I Am Pilgrim, it is hard to pull yourself from the pages as the author takes us on a journey of extreme highs and lows. Those nights when you’re sure you can make it to the end of the chapter before falling asleep but don’t, become all too common. I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes is the screenwriter’s first novel and was the recipient of the … Read More