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by Charlotte Hopkins

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Books like Icebreaker fill the shelves of bookstores and are talked about constantly on social media platforms like BookTok and Bookstagram.

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace is a new adult contemporary romance that has readers by their throats. The first novel in the Maple Hills series, we follow Anastasia Allen, a competitive figure skater who has dreamed of skating for Team USA her entire life. Her big break comes in the form of a full college scholarship all due to her place on the Maple Hills team.

However, things take a downward spiral when Maple Hill’s ice rink must be shared between both the figure skaters and the ice hockey team after a mix-up occurs.

The misunderstanding causes chaos in which Anastasia’s partner is injured. Without a partner to perform with, she turns to Maple Hills Titans’ captain, Nathan Hawkin to replace him.

Stuck together in a less-than-appealing situation, Anastasia and Nathan must make it all work for the sake of both their prospective careers and their hearts. If you have already read Icebreaker, you may be yearning for another book just like it!

Icebreaker: A Novel (1) (The Maple Hills Series)

10 Books like Icebreaker

Happy Place, by Emily Henry

Harriet and Wyn have been the perfect couple since they got together in college until suddenly, they aren’t. They broke up six months ago, for reasons they still aren’t discussing.

But when their friend’s annual getaway to a Maine cottage means they must share a bedroom again (they still haven’t told their friends oops!) and they must lie to their friends and themselves about their relationship.

Pretending to be in love after years together isn’t so hard – it comes like second nature really – but telling themselves that they don’t still harbour feelings for one another is the true challenge. Harriet and Wyn may belong together, but will they stay together?

A beautiful novel of growth and love, read Happy Place for a heartwarming novel like Icebreaker.

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Happy Place

The Foxhole Court, by Nora Sakavik

Meet Neil Josten, Palmetto State’s Exy Team’s newest addition. He is also the runaway child of the notorious crime lord, The Butcher.

In all honesty, the last thing a guy like Neil should be doing is signing a contract to join the Foxes but Exy is Neil’s true love, and he is tired of constantly running, constantly changing his identity. After eight years of moving from state to state, maybe he’s finally found a home amongst his teammates.

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But Neil isn’t the only one with secrets and soon, it might just catch up to him.

If you love the found family trope and love a thrilling contemporary read, The Foxhole Court is an enticing book!

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The Foxhole Court (All for the Game)

Behind the Net, by Stephanie Archer

Books that are like Icebreaker show two people finding love within the sporting industry and Behind the Net is no different!

Pippa is the live-in assistant to Jamie Streicher, a famous NHL player (and the hot, grumpy goalie she had a crush on in high school!). After her ex crushed her dreams of working in the music industry, Pippa finds a job as his assistant.

Keeping things professional between the two will be a breeze thanks to his surly, gruff exterior. But behind that, Jamie might just be sweet and protective.

When he learns of how awful Pippa’s ex was in the bedroom, his competitive side comes out to play and soon Pippa finds her heart is on the line once again.

Behind the Net: a grumpy sunshine hockey romance (Vancouver Storm Book 1)

Secretly Yours, by Tessa Bailey

Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey is a novel perfect for readers who liked Icebreaker. This steamy romantic comedy focuses on Hallie Welch, whose first love was Julian Vos who nearly kissed her in his family’s vineyard after dark at fourteen.

When Julian returns to their hometown and Hallie is hired to do up their garden on the Vos estate, she secretly wonders if she’ll get that kiss after all. That is, until they meet once again and Julian is a grumpy professor instead of the cheeky teenager, she remembered.

Then after multiple glasses of wine and a girl’s night, Hallie remembers the drunk secret admirer letter she left for Julian.

As Julian attempts to write a novel, he is distracted by the infuriating woman outside his window as well as the mysterious secret admirer he seems to have from his past. Which, if either, will he fall for?

Secretly Yours: A Novel (Vine Mess Book 1)

The Love Wager, by Lynn Painter

After one particularly messy one-night stand, Hallie Piper decides it’s time to leave her life of flings behind and start fresh, as an adult woman on the lookout for a meaningful relationship. However, when she opens up the dating app, guess who pops up?

No one other than Jack, the guy whose hotel room she just left. The pair agree to help each other find ‘The One’ after confirming they are one hundred per cent not interested in one another. Date after date, the two still find themselves single so they make a wager on who can find love first.

But when they agree to a fake date for a wedding, they call off the bet and soon forget why they ever thought they weren’t interested in each other.

A fake dating masterpiece, The Love Wager is a story that will give you all the fuzzy feelings!

The Love Wager

The Cheat Sheet, by Sarah Adams

Similar to Icebreaker, The Cheat Sheet shows two best friends discovering their feelings for one another against a sports-infested backdrop.

One thing turns to another and soon, not only does Nathan know about her feelings but the pair are fake dating. Nathan makes the acting seem effortless and Bree begins to question whether either one of them wants the dating to end.

Bree’s best friend is Nathan Donelson, star quarterback and tabloid regular — and a huge flirt. After spilling her guts about her unreciprocated feelings to a reporter one drunken night, the public believes the pair are destined together.

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The Cheat Sheet: It's the game-changing romantic list to help turn these friends into lovers! TikTok made me buy this rom-com hit!

Desire or Defense, by Leah Brunner

Mitch is the renowned grumpy DC Eagles hockey defence player known not only for his skill but his temper, which leads him to a fifteen-game suspension from the NHL. Now, forced into working a youth hockey coaching gig to rebuild his image, Mitch is at an all-time low.

That is until he meets a blonde named Andie whose temper matches his own.

Storming onto the rink to lecture Mitch about his rude attitude to her little brother, Andie might be the one to finally melt the wall of ice Mitch has sculpted around his own heart.

Desire or Defense is the perfect novel for you with its enemies-to-lovers ice hockey story.

Desire or Defense: An Enemies-to-Lovers Hockey Romance (D.C. Eagles Hockey Book 1)

The Locker Room, by Meghan Quinn

There is a rumour that runs through the baseball players team: that if you bring a girl to the locker room after a game and have your way with her, it will end in a white dress walking down the aisle.

Everyone has their superstitions but the baseball players in The Locker Room believe magic runs in the walls of their sacred changing room – apart from Knox.

But when the girl of his dreams appears he begins to believe that an invitation to the locker room will change everything, the only question is – will she accept?

Similar to Icebreaker, The Locker Room will have readers tearing through its pages, so pick it up now!

The Locker Room: A Bookworm Falls for Jock Standalone

Running with Lions, by Julian Winters

Books like Icebreaker show two competitive sports players putting aside their differences to work together and maybe find love along the way. Running with Lions by Julian Winters does just that.

In the book, we meet Sebastian who plans to breeze through summer training camp before he starts his senior year. That is until Emir Shah turns up – his estranged childhood best friend who doesn’t hide his contempt for Sebastian.

Determined, for the sake of his team and their old friendship, to bridge the gap between them, the pair spend more time together. As their trust grows, so do feelings that extend beyond friendship.

Running with Lions

The Wake-Up Call, by Beth O’Leary

This new arrival to bookstores is Beth O’Leary’s newest contemporary romance that focuses on two hotel receptionists whose bitter rivalry turns into something sweeter as the holidays force them to man the desk on the same shift.

The Forest Manor Hotel is falling apart, and it will take a Christmas miracle to see the place stay afloat past the holidays. So, when Izzy returns with a guest’s missing wedding ring, management are convinced that the reward could fix everything.

With four other rings sitting in lost and found, Izzy and Lucas race to save their jobs and the hotel.

Pick up The Wake-Up Call for a book like Icebreaker that will warm your insides!

The Wake-Up Call

Icebreaker and books like it are certain to give you all the fuzzy feelings a good romantic comedy should. Hopefully one of the books above will be your new favourite read!

Are you on the hunt for books similar to Icebreaker? Have any recommendations that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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