10 Fun Books Like People We Meet on Vacation

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Are you looking for some more books like People We Meet on Vacation?

Every year, without fail, best friends Poppy and Alex take a week out of their daily, mundane lives to take a vacation together. With Poppy living in New York and Alex still residing in the small town he calls home; the holiday is their chance to rekindle their friendship and have a catch-up.

That was until two years ago.

Two years since the pair last spoke. Full of regret and missing her old friend, Poppy invites Alex on one last hurrah and surprisingly, he agrees.

With seven days to make amends and repressed romantic feelings making their way to the surface, will Poppy and Alex ever go back to the way they were? And, importantly, do they want them to?

Books like People We Meet on Vacation are perfect reads for lounging by the pool with a cocktail by your side under the sun or even tucked under a blanket on your sofa with a good cuppa.

No matter which reader you are, you are sure to enjoy the romance ahead! If you have already picked up this book, however, here are ten similar stories for you to read next!

10 Books like People We Meet on Vacation

Normal People, by Sally Rooney

Marianne and Connell know who each other are but the pair hardly talk. They are complete opposites. Connell is the outgoing star of the football team and Marianne is quiet and keeps to herself. They don’t talk until Connell picks up his mum from her housekeeping job at Marianne’s house.

Consequently, a bond forms between them that they are determined to keep hidden. We follow the pair’s journey and up and down relationship from school through to college and then to adulthood.

A raw and emotional read about how far you will go for someone you love; Normal People is perfect for people looking for books similar to People We Meet on Vacation.

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The Road Trip, by Beth O’Leary

Road trips are the best. At least that is according to Addie and her sister. With a friend’s wedding in Scotland to attend, the siblings fill their car up with food and drink and plenty of entertainment for the long ride ahead.

With everything packed and prepared, nothing can go wrong. Until a car crashes into the back of Addie’s own. To make matters worse, the driver is her ex-boyfriend, Dylan, who is also heading to the wedding with his best mate.

With Dylan’s car totalled and no other choice, Addie offers them a ride. In this long car journey, the old flames have to confront their pasta and make a decision on whether it is truly the end of the road for them.

The Road Trip is the perfect novel to pick up for someone looking for a book like People We Meet on Vacation.

Book Lovers, by Emily Henry

In Book Lovers, Nora makes her living by being one of the best literary agents out there. She reads romance after romance but never seems to get her own happily ever after.

After agreeing to a sister-bonding trip away to Sunshine Falls in North Carolina, Nora imagines a small-town transformation story for herself but that is all wiped away when she sees Charlie Lastra.

Charlie is a brooding editor from the city that Nora has met many times and their interactions have never been romantic or even nice.

But after being thrown together again and again, Nora realizes maybe she needs to look past first impressions and see the man beneath.

In this book from the author, Emily Henry, herself, readers are provided with a well-crafted, original book that will satisfy their cravings for a book like People We Meet on Vacation.

The Worst Best Man, by Mia Sosa

Books like People We Meet on Vacation show falling in love with its ups and downs much like in The Worst Best Man.

Carolina is one of the top wedding planners in DC with her expertise and attention to detail, nothing can go awry at one of her weddings. As such a precise planner, she knows it is ironic that she was left at the altar on her own wedding day.

After impressing a big client, she is given the opportunity of a lifetime but quickly realizes this means working with her ex-fiancé’s brother, Max. The animosity toward each other runs deep after Max convinced his brother to ditch her on their special day.

However, the pair quickly learn how to work together and realize that they might not hate one another nearly as much as they first believed.

The Unhoneymooners, by Christina Lauren

When everyone except Olive and the best man, Ethan, (also her sworn enemy) gets food poisoning at her twin’s wedding from the seafood buffet, the pair get the opportunity of a lifetime to take the bride and groom’s place on the all-expenses honeymoon in Hawaii.

Putting aside their differences for a free holiday, the pair plan to go their separate ways once checked into the hotel but when a white lie spins out of control, Ethan and Olive have to pretend they are newlyweds.

Spending more time together than they planned means unexpected feelings begin to arise and soon, their hatred of one another turns into something akin to love.

The Unhoneymooners great enemies-to-lovers trope romance for those who want a book similar to People We Meet on Vacation!

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Starfish, by Akemi Dawn Bowman

For readers who enjoy a bit of young adult contemporary where the romance, although prominent, is sidelined for character development then you will love Starfish for your next book like People We Meet on Vacation.

Grappling with social anxiety and a narcissistic mother, we meet Kiko who dreams of a life where her art is everything. But after being rejected from her dream art school and her abusive uncle moving back in, things don’t look good.

So, when her childhood friend invites her to tour the art schools on the West Coast, she can’t say yes quick enough. Along the way, she finds out more about herself and her feelings towards others than she ever has before.

Regretting You, by Colleen Hoover    

Fallon meets an aspiring writer named Ben on the day before she is meant to pack up and move across the country.

Spending her remaining time in town with him, the pair realize they have more in common than they first thought and soon, Fallon becomes Ben’s muse.

Now, once a year on that same day, the pair meet up but soon she worries that something is amiss and believes Ben is lying to her. Has Ben created a story for himself and one for Fallon? Has their every interaction been somewhat scripted?

Readers who love a bit of tension and drama will love Regretting You, a mystery romance book similar to People We Meet on Vacation.

Fix Her Up, by Tessa Bailey

Georgie is sure her family is disappointed in her. With everyone else running their renowned home renovation company, Georgie is more interested in the children’s party business instead. Cue a life overhaul which includes getting herself a date.

When that fails, Georgie suggests fake dating to her best friend’s brother who was, coincidentally, also the town’s resident sports star until an injury knocked him out of the game.

Travis is now in the business of buying houses and attempts to live a quieter life.

But pretending to be someone’s partner makes you see them in a different way and now, Georgie isn’t quite the little girl he remembers from his childhood.

Fix Her Up is an uplifting read for those looking for a book like People We Meet on Vacation.

The Bride Test, by Helen Hoang

Books like People We Meet on Vacation are sure to make us smile and laugh much like The Bride Test.

Khai believes his autism means he cannot feel so avoids relationships at all costs although his mother disagrees and heads to Vietnam to find him the perfect woman.

When Esme gets the chance to go to America and meet a potential husband, she can’t turn the offer down.

When she arrives, she realizes she is smitten with a man who believes he cannot return her affection. With her time in the US running out, she needs to convince Khai that love comes in all shapes and sizes.

Anna and the French Kiss, by Stephanie Perkins

Anna thinks the worst when she is shipped off to a boarding school in Paris after planning her senior year in Atlanta.

Without her best friend by her side, her crush across the ocean and having to leave behind her great job, she doesn’t think Paris will be worth it at all.

That is until she meets Etienne St Clair.

There is something between them that Anna can’t deny but there is a huge obstacle: his serious and long-term girlfriend. We follow Etienne and Anna’s tumultuous journey throughout their senior year. Will Anna finally get her French kiss?

Full of fluff and cute romance, Anna and the French Kiss is a great book to pick up if you are looking for a book similar to People We Meet on Vacation.

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If you have already read People We Meet on Vacation want another Emily Henry-esque romance then I hope you have found something to delve into above!

Are you searching for more books like People We Meet on Vacation? Have any recommendations that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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