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9 Eye-Opening Books Like The Hate U Give

With its incredibly timely portrayal of race relations, it’s not surprising people are looking for more books like The Hate U Give. Angie Thomas’s critically acclaimed debut novel, The Hate U Give, was written initially as a short story in reaction to the senseless police … Read More

8 Books Like The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Books like The Perks of Being a Wallflower are often formed from a question the author is asking himself. In this novel, author Stephen Chbosky asks –‘Why do good people let themselves get treated so badly?’ and answers with ‘We accept the love we think … Read More

8 Adolescent Books Like 13 Reasons Why

Books like 13 Reasons Why have become hot topics in recent years, especially as Jay Asher’s novel was developed into a somewhat controversial Netflix Original television show, but it was first published as a young adult novel in 2007. The story follows Clay Jensen, a … Read More

8 Captivating Books Like The Fault in Our Stars

Published in 2011, John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars instantly became a bestseller and thrusted the author from relative obscurity into a household name. Because of the popularity of the novel, many people are on the hunt for more books like The Fault in … Read More

8 Transfixing Books Like The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner has become almost as iconic as The Hunger Games in YA fiction. Thomas Dylan’s attempts to escape a dangerous maze whilst trying to recover his memory, is an addictive adrenaline rush. Because of its popularity, many readers have been on the hunt … Read More

8 Powerful Books Like Five Feet Apart

We all enjoy a good tale about young love — but add in the drama of something or someone getting in the way of that relationship and you have a story you’re going to remember for a long time. This is why many readers are … Read More

8 Engrossing Books Like The Selection

It is hard not to trip over a successful YA novel these days. However, people may feel personally about the genre, there is no denying the huge impact it continues to have on popular culture which has many people searching for more books like The … Read More

9 Emotional Books Like Everything, Everything

Published in 2015, Everything, Everything is an amazing story about a teenage girl with an immunodeficiency disease that was later made into a film. This book is not just about first love in desperate circumstances; it’s about how your past can affect your future and … Read More